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Energy Efficient Homes

JMI builders and architects use the latest in sustainable and energy efficient materials to build long-lasting Christchurch homes that are better on your health, your pocket and ultimately, the environment. 

Energy efficient homes of today focus on three main aspects: environmentally friendly use of water, electricity and building materials, saving you money in the long term and paving your way towards a sustainable future.

Our energy efficient homes incorporate the latest features and materials, including (but not limited to):

  • Sustainable materials
  • New framing materials like structural insulated panels for greater warmth
  • Solar generated electricity or water heating
  • Underfloor water heating
  • Using concrete and glass construction to trap the sun's warmth through the day, instead of paying for power
  • Passive solar environments reducing airflow and enhancing heat retention capabilities

Whether you are looking to build or renovate in Christchurch you now have the opportunity to source materials and services that can assist in the pursuit of sustainable living without sacrificing comfort or style.


Environmental Solutions

Not only do our resources for energy efficient homes save you money in the long run, but they also result in a faster home build. Our team has extensive knowledge in the sustainable building field, taking considerations into account that may be missed by other companies, such as: 

  • Underground water tanks for less wastage
  • Planning the direction of the house to get maximum sunlight (and natural heat)
  • Using materials that best absorb the sun's heat for warmth in the night
  • When and where to use solar panels

Make the Change

If you're thinking of building a new home, why not give back to the earth and make the move to an energy efficient home?

Our team at JMI Construction are more than happy to discuss your sustainable home plans at any time.