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Summer is here and with our recent high temperatures, we are a little more tempted to switch the air conditioner on. Most of us would, if it weren’t for the power bill that empties our wallets. Most residential homes have heat pumps that can be used in any season. It warms in winter and cools in summer. They are known to be one of the most environmentally friendly sources of heat and cooling. But they still cost us big time. So here are a few tips and tricks to help keep more money in your back pocket this summer, because why not?

Using Insulation and Windows:

In winter, we use insulation and windows to maximise efficiency when it comes to heating our homes. Insulation keeps the heat in while windows are opened during the day for ventilation and circulation of warmer air. It is a similar concept for keeping cool, only the opposite. Instead of insulation keeping heat in, it is used to keep cool air inside and warm air out. Insulation is an affordable way to ensure that you stay comfortable all year round. Opening windows is a natural ventilation strategy. Doing so at night, when it is typically colder, allows circulation of cooler air. Closing windows in the morning puts insulation to work by trapping the air inside.


Ever noticed how dads are always changing the thermostat in winter to try use less energy, only to have everyone else in the family turn it back up. What you might not notice is him turning the thermostat up in the summer. Turning it up to the highest temperature that is comfortable makes the difference in air temperature inside and out smaller. The smaller the difference in air temperature the less work for the air conditioner. Using the air conditioners timer can help save energy by only turning on when you are home. Using the air conditioner at night or early morning, in conjunction with insulation and the timer, can be an affordable way to cool your home while in off peak power usage times.

Efficient Appliances:

It’s BBQ season, take advantage of the weather and use the BBQ whenever possible rather than the oven. Ovens use a lot of energy and produce unnecessary heat in your home. Using efficient appliances and lighting ensures that less heat is being produced, heat that is unwanted in a room that is trying to be cooled. Lighting choice is essential for energy efficiency all year round. Only around 15 percent of energy used to power light bulbs results in light, the rest is turned into heat. LED bulbs are the most efficient light source, maximising light while producing less heat. Since air conditioners, such as heat pumps, can be used all year round it is an important investment to purchase an efficient brand. It will save you in the long run.

We are in for a hot summer with already sky rocketing temperatures scorching its way through the country. It is important to realise for any new home build or renovation that insulation and efficient appliances is an all year necessity. Many of the tricks we use to keep heat in during winter can be applied in the summer. There is a common misconception that winter is the only time for insulation, a misconception that can cost you.